TOPFLYTECH T8808 + GPS Asset tracker integration for Fleet Management

TOPFLYTECH T8808 + GPS Asset tracker integration for Fleet Management. The TOPFLYTECH T8808 + Fleet Management tracker allow to manage the (Driving control) creating a SMS alert for detect (over speeding), when a driver pass the limit, the T8808 + tracker send a SMS message.

You can receive in your mobile phone the exact "Geo Location" of TOPFLYTECH T8808 + GPS Asset tracker, when the driver of mobile asset crossing a predefined geofence for service routes or deliveries tasks saving in the configuration of T8808 Plus tracker. To protect the mobile asset that have installed TOPFLYTECH T8808 + Fleet Management tracker, you can config the following preventive SMS alerts: (vibration alert, towed alert, geofence alert, over speeding alert, anti-theft alert). If you register the TOPFLYTECH T8808 Plus GPS Asset tracker in any Tracking Management Platform that have integrated the T8808 Plus model, can make the real-time track of their automatic vehicle dispatch and hours of service control of mobile asset 24 hours a day with field service management control. Thanks to that TOPFLYTECH T8808 Plus GPS tracker is compatible with the OTA (Over the Air) function, you can update firmware remotely without uninstall T8808 Plus of your mobile asset, T8808 Plus also can be use an REST API to connect existing applications.