Dart2 NB / IoT GPS tracker integration of Digital Matter Telematics

Dart2 NB / IoT GPS tracker integration of Digital Matter Telematics company. Thanks to integrated OTA (Over-The-Air) function of Dart2 tracker, you can change configuration parameters and upgrade remotely firmware without need of uninstall GPS device, Dart2 also can be use an REST API to connect existing applications.

With the Dart2 NB / IoT GPS tracker you can dispose of more fix accurate with an answer faster that other models of market, Dart2 use GPS and GLONASS satellites the same time offer double satellite positions. You can increase your vehicle safety managing the unauthorized driving in their automatic vehicle dispatch through a RFID reader for (Driver identification) through of TTL serial port that has integrate Digital Matter Telematics Dart2. Also, you can monitor the Driving behaviour of your vehicle or mobile asset, when Dart2 detect the following aggressive driving events: (harsh cornering, harsh braking, harsh acceleration). Digital Matter Telematics offer a cloud service for hours of service control in the Dart2 NB / IoT GPS tracker, but you can connect Dart2 device in an external Tracking Management Platform that has integrate this model and control the field service management. Dart2 of Digital Matter you can used in service routes or deliveries tasks and vehicle recovery requirements, mobile asset monitoring or telematic Fleet Management.