Oyster2 NB / IoT GPS tracker integration for GPS asset tracking solutions

Oyster2 NB / IoT GPS tracker integration for GPS asset tracking solutions. You can control the Oyster2 tracker from a Tracking Management Platform always online and manage some alerts or geo-fences to protect your mobile asset.

The Oyster2 tracker allows monitoring the driving control of your mobile asset, thanks to his internal 3-Axis accelerometer that detect high G-force events (mobile asset accident detection or mobile asset dropping), when are generate these events, Oyster2 sent information to Tracking Management Platform. The Oyster2 NB / IoT GPS tracker offer the double numbers of satellites, improve fix accurate and faster fix position; thanks that use the GLONASS and GPS systems simultaneously. Oyster2 can help you to protect your mobile asset in extreme weather conditions, thanks to his rugged housing with IP67 (waterproof and dustproof) certification, you can install Oyster2 with a simple screw in your mobile asset. Maybe, the best feature of Oyster2 Standalone GPS is: that the AA Lithium batteries long-life up to 7 years if the device sent one daily position, this extend the possibilities of different scenarios in the GPS asset tracking. Oyster2 of Digital Matter Telematics company is a great alternative to acquire a NB / IoT GPS tracker of low-cost, but with more advantages for the GPS asset tracking or fleet management solutions.