Suntech ST3940 Standalone GPS tracker integration with rechargeable Li-ion battery

Standalone GPS tracker integration ST3940 of Suntech brand with rechargeable Li-ion (3,7V/1500 mAh) battery. Suntech ST3940 is a valid device for motorcycles GPS tracking or GPS personal location.

Through the integrate Panic button of ST3490 GPS tracker of Suntech you can receive emergency alerts, each time that the person or driver click these button in a predefined mobile phone. The best way to control Suntech ST3940 Standalone GPS tracker in real-time with hours of service control is though Tracking Management Platform always online, with this type of service you can save costs in SMS text messages. ST3940 of Suntech has (IP65/IP66 - Waterproof and dustproof) protection that allow the GPS location in any type of service routes or deliveries tasks with extreme wheatear condition. With Suntech ST3940 can make the mobile asset management control (vehicles, assets without battery, containers, ships) and also you can configure a low battery alert that help you to don´t lost the ST3940 GPS device.