Jointech JT701 GPS padlock + Standalone GPS tracker integration

Integration of Standalone GPS tracker with (12000 mAh) battery + GPS padlock model JT701 of Jointech brand. Thanks to the IP65 certification of Jointech JT701 on his plastic case he convert in a Waterproof GPS tracker that can protect any type of mobile asset in extreme wheatear conditions.

The target market of JT701 GPS padlock of Jointech is the protection and control of mobile assets and just used in: (maritime or truck GPS Container tracking, service routes or deliveries tasks, heavy machinery tracking, vehicle fleet management). The safety of mobile asset is the first feature of Jointech JT701 Standalone GPS device that offer function for unlock the "GPS padlock" by RFID or remote password. If you need more real-time safety of JT701 GPS padlock of Jointech, you can setup the follow SMS alerts and receive alerts in a predefined mobile phone: (geofence alert, incorrect remote password alert, unlock alert, movement alert, sabotage alert). The most value solution for real-time tracking and hours of service control of mobile asset that have installed the Standalone GPS tracker Jointech JT701, is register your device in a Tracking Management Platform always online.