GlobalSat GTR-128 GPS tracker integration for motorcycles or vehicle GPS tracking

Motorcycles or vehicles GPS tracker integration GTR-128 model of GlobalSat brand. Setup some virtual geo-fences in your GlobalSat GTR-128 GPS device and manage the real-time (Geo Location) of your motorcycle or vehicle.

GTR-128 motorcycles tracker of GlobalSat can receive or send commands via SMS and also send real-time Scheduled Reports or events through TCP/UDP to a Tracking Management Platform from where can control the hours of service the 24 hours a day of your motorcycle or vehicle improving your field service management. You can receive in your mobile phone the following scheduled SMS alerts: (movement alert, over speed alert, low power alert) and increase safety in the motorcycle or vehicle that has installed an GlobalSat GTR-128 device. With GTR-128 of GlobalSat you can update firmware or change configuration in remote mode, thanks to the (OTA - Over the Air) function and save costs in unnecessary technical services. GlobalSat GTR-128 is it also a Waterproof GPS tracker with IP67 protection in his plastic case and guaranteed the GPS tracking of vehicles in any type of service routes or deliveries tasks with wheatear condition.