GlobalSat GTR-129 GPS tracker integration for vehicle - asset GPS tracking

GTR-129 GPS tracker integration for vehicle - asset GPS tracking of GlobalSat brand. With GlobalSat GTR-129 you can received the excact (Geo Location) in a mobile phone when GTR-129 cross one of predefined virtual geo-fences configured on the device.

You can save costs in vehicle maintenance if use the (OTA - Over the Air) function of GTR-129 vehicle - mobile asset GPS tracker of GlobalSat, with the "OTA" function you can update firmware or change configuration parameters remotely without needed of GTR-129 uninstall. For improve the safety in your vehicle or mobile asset GPS tracking, you can setup the following SMS alerts: (movement alert, over speed alert, low power alert) and GlobalSat GTR-129 GPS tracker send to you a SMS message when be alert generate. GTR-129 of GlobalSat can send data with the following communication protocols: "TCP/UDP - send real-time events to a Tracking Management Platform and manage the hours of service control - SMS - accept and send commands via SMS", you can use any of two location modes always depending of your need. GlobalSat GTR-129 Waterproof GPS tracker with IP67 certification in his plastic case allow that you can make the vehicle GPS tracking or mobile asset GPS control in extreme wheatear conditions.