Suntech ST600M - MD GPS vehicle tracker integration

ST600M - MD GPS vehicle tracker integration of the Suntech brand. Suntech ST600M - MD GPS device support some types of Virtual geofences (50 polygonal geofences, 200 circular geofences and up to 500 points to routes deviation) that you receive in the mobile phone.

Through a Tracking Management Platform always online, you can manage all data that ST600M - MD of Suntech generate in real-time without requirement limit the 24 hours a day. Setup your Suntech ST600M - MD GPS device to prevent theft and increase safety in your vehicle with different SMS alerts: (idling alert, battery error alert, anti-theft alert, battery connect/disconnect alert, virtual geofences alert, speed alert). With the ST600M - MD GPS vehicle tracker of Suntech you can manage the "Driving behaviour" with the integrate function of "DPA Driver pattern analysis" when detects: (harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering). Suntech ST600M - MD can read Can Bus data of your vehicle using the (J1939/J1708) protocols and send the Can Bus data in real-time to a Tracking Management Platform, from where you can manage different vehicle telemetry reports. ST600M - MD of Suntech is an economical alternative for the telematics Fleet management and can install in any type of vehicle with battery.