Concox AT1 Standalone GPS tracker integration with 6000mAh battery

AT1 Standalone GPS tracker integration with rechargeable 6000mAh battery of Concox brand. Through the internals GPS/Wi-Fi antennas the Concox AT1 device can fix position by GPS or by Wi-Fi, thanks to this feature is impossible lost the GPS location.

The best option to you can locate AT1 Standalone GPS tracker of Concox in real-time with hours of service control, is that you register AT1 in a Tracking Management Platform and manage all events that send the device and manage their fuel consumption control. To increase the safety in your field service management control, Concox AT1 offer the follow predefined SMS alerts: (power off alert, over speed alert, vibration alert), you receive each alert in a mobile phone via SMS. Thanks to the life-time capacity of 6000mAh rechargeable battery (100 hours in working mode - 25 days in stand-by mode) of AT1 Standalone GPS tracker of Concox, you can covert requirements of GPS container tracking. Concox AT1 it is also a waterproof and dust GPS tracker with IP67 protection in his plastic case, you can work with AT1 in service routes or deliveries tasks and in their automatic vehicle dispatch with extreme wheatear conditions without fear to breakdown the GPS tracker. AT1 Standalone GPS tracker, designed by Concox for the high value mobile assets management control and GPS container tracking solutions, also with this device you can use an REST API to connect existing applications.