Teltonika FMB130 GPS mobile asset tracker integration with (Bluetooth/Can Bus)

FMB130 GPS mobile asset tracker integration of Teltonika brand. The mobile asset GPS tracking with Teltonika FMB130 can make it from a Tracking Management Platform the 24 hours a day or through the demand of GPS position with SMS text messages.

Receive different notifications in your mobile phone or in the online server, related to the predefined (Virtual geofences) on FMB130 GPS tracker of Teltonika, you can create "Virtual geofences" through SMS text message or from the Teltonika configurator software. With the following "predefined scenarios": (trip detection, crash detection, towing detection, unplug detection, iButton read notification, immobilizer, excessive idling detection, digital output control via call, GNSS fuel control counter, jamming detection, over speeding detection for care driving, green driving), in the firmware of Teltonika FMB130 GPS mobile asset device you can manage the "Driving Control". FMB130 GPS tracker of Teltonika is compatible with (Bluetooth 4.0 + LE) and thanks to Bluetooth connectivity you can connect with FMB130 some external peripherical such as: "universal BLE sensors, barcode reader, headset, temperature and humidity sensors). Avoid the unauthorized driving managing the "Driver identification" through iButtons/RFID readers or control the mobile asset temperature, using the (1-Wire) interface that integrate Teltonika FMB130 GPS mobile asset tracker. From the (ECU - engine control unit) FMB130 GPS device of Teltonika can read "Can Bus" data and upload in real-time the "Can Bus" events to Tracking Management Platform, from these service you can generate different (Can Bus) reports associated to FMB130.