Teltonika MTB100 mobile asset GPS tracker integration

MTB100 mobile asset GPS tracker integration of Teltonika brand. Teltonika MTB100 it is also a (Standalone GPS) with internal (170 mAh) backup battery, the (Standalone GPS) mode allow follow locating your mobile asset if lost the connection with the power source of mobile asset.

You can firmware update or change configuration parameters in MTB100 GPS tracker of Teltonika through the (OTA - Over the Air) function of remote way without needed to uninstall the MTB100 of your mobile asset saving on maintenance costs. MTB100 also allow that you can use an REST API to connect existing applications in our GPS tracking management platform that has European regulations of tachograph, from where you can manage the fuel consumption control and control their vehicle event management without requirement limit or manage the care driving of their driver´s, in addition you can use without extra cost our automatic data sending service to external servers and control their manual task registration without any requirement limit or you can manage different type of scheduled reports depending of your need, also you can control their automatic vehicle dispatch that help you to reduce cost and manage their mobile asset eco driving without any requirement limit. From our GPS tracking management platform, you can also manage their service routes or deliveries tasks without requirement limit and you can control their vehicle preventative maintenance that help you to reduce company cost or you can manage the control of driving habits of their drivers depending of your need, in addition you can control their MTB100 tracker using our mobile applications for mobile asset tracking and manage their mobile asset efficient driving or you can manage their mobile asset hours of service control (HoS) without any requirement limit. Teltonika MTB100 mobile asset GPS tracker can be controlled through a Tracking Management Platform the 24 hours a day and without requirements limit or sending text messages with commands via SMS to MTB100 send you an SMS to your mobile phone. From Teltonika configurator software or via SMS messages is possible create different (Virtual geofences) in MTB100 GPS tracker for field service management of your drivers, MTB100 generate an event when any of the Virtual geofences are crossing by your mobile asset and send events via SMS or directly to Tracking Management Platform. With the follows "Scheduled Reports": (service routes detection, crash detection, towing detection, unplug detection, excessive idling detection, digital output control via call, GNSS fuel control counter, jamming detection, over speeding detection, green driving) of Teltonika MTB100 GPS mobile asset tracker you can manage hours of service of "Driving control" in real-time. Through the (Bluetooth 4.0 + LE) connectivity you can connect the follows external devices: (universal BLE sensors, barcode reader, Headset, humidity and temperature sensors) to MTB100 of Teltonika and don´t use any wire.