CalAmp TTU-730 GPS mobile asset tracker integration

TTU-730 GPS mobile asset tracker integration of CalAmp brand. With CalAmp TTU-730 GPS tracker you can save costs in technical services using the (OTA - Over the Air) function, with the OTA function you can change configuration or firmware update remotely.

You can manage hours of service control in real-time of TTU-730 GPS device from the online service that offer CalAmp company or register TTU-730 in an external Tracking Management Platform, only you need change the IP/port configuration data. Increase the performance in the mobile asset tracking, using the (10 Virtual geofences) of CalAmp TTU-730 GPS tracker and receive notifications in the Tracking Management Platform every time that your mobile asset enter in the "Virtual geofences for service routes or deliveries tasks". TTU-730 of CalAmp it is also a (Waterproof GPS) with "IP67" protection in his plastic housing, thanks to this feature you can cover different requirements of mobile asset tracking in extreme weather conditions. CalAmp TTU-730 with his replaceable Lithium battery send up to 5000 messages to location service, when TTU-730 Standalone GPS excess of 5000 messages you need to change the battery. CalAmp designed the TTU-730 GPS model for cover some scenarios in the mobile asset GPS tracking of any type or also for the (maritime / trucks) GPS container tracking.