Concox EG02 E-Bicycles GPS tracker integration

EG02 scooters / E-Bicycles GPS tracker integration of Concox brand. Concox EG02 GPS tracker installation is very easy in (Plug and Play) mode, designed for direct connect to the universal E-Bicycles or motorcycle wire connectors and no need cut wires.

Sending SMS commands you can setup different "Virtual geofences" in EG02 GPS tracker of Concox, if your E-Bicycle or motorcycle enter or leave of the (Virtual geofences for service routes or deliveries tasks) EG02 send a notification via SMS or a notification to online service, geofences help improve their field service management. Concox EG02 accept three modes for E-Bicycles GPS tracking: with a smartphone application, sending different SMS text messages to device or from a Tracking Management Platform where you control the hours of service 24 hours a day in your E-Bicycle or motorcycle, also use an REST API to connect existing applications from online service. With the smartphone application that Concox offer, you can disconnect the power source of E-Bicycle or motorcycle remotely and used EG02 in Anti-theft system mode. Protect your E-Bicycle using the predefined "SMS alerts" of Concox EG02 GPS tracker: (virtual geofences alert, power off alert, overspeed alert, vibration alert) and receive an SMS message in your mobile phone, improving their automatic task dispatch. Transform in a "GPS padlock" the EG02 GPS device of Concox, through Concox smartphone application you can lock or unlock the wheels of E-Bicycle or motorcycle only with a click remotely.