Meitrack K211G GPS padlock tracker integration

K211G GPS padlock tracker integration of Meitrack brand. Control hours of service of your Meitrack K211G the 24 hours a day from an external Tracking Management Platform or using the GPS platform that Meitrack company offer.

Setup K211G GPS padlock of Meitrack for that send these "SMS alerts": (anti-tamper alert, movement alert, anti-cut alert) to an mobile phone or to Tracking Management Platform and assure your mobile asset protection. With Meitrack K211G you can cover different scenarios in the mobile asset GPS tracking and work in extreme weather conditions, thanks to (IP67 - Waterproof GPS) protection that has K211G in his plastic case. K211G Standalone GPS of Meitrack integrate a 14000 mAh battery with a life time up to 78 days, this feature of K211G is a great alternative for requirements in the mobile assets GPS tracking that no have a battery. Meitrack K211G GPS padlock can reduce the low energy consumption, transmit long range data and scheduled reports using the "LoRa wireless technology" communication guaranteed your mobile asset safety. Meitrack designed K211G tracker for the sea and land GPS Container tracking that passing long inactivity periods, through RFID can locked or unlocked the GPS padlock.