Meitrack T633L Fleet management GPS tracker integration

T633L (4G) Fleet management GPS tracker integration of Meitrack brand. With some iButtons can controlling the (driver identification) in the vehicle where install T633L of Meitrack, avoiding the unauthorized driving in your service routes or deliveries tasks.

Meitrack T633L Fleet management GPS tracker accept three modes for real-time tracking of their automatic vehicle dispatch and hours of service control: through an external Tracking Management Platform that has European regulations of tachograph data, sending text messages with commands via mobile phone or from the online server that offer Meitrack by default with their fuel consumption control. Increase the features of T633L GPS tracker of Meitrack connecting some types of external devices: (magnetic card reader, camera, LED display) using the "RS232 / RS485" interfaces. Manage your vehicle temperature in real-time, installing an (temperature sensor) in the Meitrack T633L Fleet management GPS tracker through the (1-Wire) interface and improve your vehicle performance. In the Tracking Management Platform or online server that offer Meitrack, you can manage the "Driving behaviour analysis or Driving style control" that generate T633L GPS tracker when detect events of: (harsh cornering, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, idling, driver fatigue), with these analysis you can reduce costs in your daily Fleet management and improving your field service management control. Meitrack T633L can read data from "Can Bus" through the FMS protocol, depending the vehicle model you dispose of more / minus information with Can Bus data; also from the online server can use some telematics reports associated to the Can Bus data or use an REST API to connect existing applications.