Suntech ST4300 (4G LTE Cat-M1) NB / IoT GPS tracker integration

ST4300 (4G LTE Cat-M1) NB / IoT GPS tracker integration of Suntech brand. With Suntech ST4300 can working in extreme weather conditions thanks to the (IP67 - dust and waterproof) protection that integrate the plastic housing, don’t fear to lost data of GPS positions.

ST4300 allow to make the vehicle temperature monitoring, only need connect an "temperature sensor" to the (1-wire) interface and the temperature control in real-time you can make it from a GPS online server. Manage the (driver identification with RFID readers) avoiding the unauthorized driving in the vehicle that have installed an Suntech ST4300 NB / IoT GPS tracker through the "RS232" interface and improve the protection of your vehicle. You can make the real-time tracking and hours of service control of ST4300 model using an external Tracking Management Platform, only need to change the default IP/port or from the online server the Suntech offer, ST4300 also accept different commands via SMS to change parameters. Suntech ST4300 NB / IoT GPS tracker help to increase the "efficient driving" of vehicle, thanks to different driving patter analysis and the crash reconstruction in real-time, the management of these reports can making from the Tracking Management Platform.