Suntech ST640 GPS asset tracker integration

ST640 GPS asset tracker integration of the Suntech brand. Connect an (panic button) in the digital input of Suntech ST640 GPS tracker to generate SOS emergency messages from the mobile asset, when the driver feel any danger.

ST640 allow control the mobile asset/vehicle temperature in real-time, only need connect an "temperature sensor" to the (1-Wire) interface of Suntech GPS tracker and can dispose of some data related with the temperature. Depending of your need, you can make the real-time tracking and hours of service control of Suntech ST640 GPS tracker from an external Tracking Management Platform changing the default IP/port or using the server that offer Suntech company. Thanks to the follow reports that offer ST640 GPS tracker for analysis of "driving behaviour": (overspeed, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, harsh braking), you can improve performance of your mobile asset or vehicle and save unnecessary costs. Suntech ST640 also allow setup different "Virtual geofences - circular/polygonal - for service routes or deliveries tasks" via Suntech configurator software or with mobile phone text messages, from Suntech server or the external Tracking Management Platform you can view when ST640 enter or leave of the geofences. Thanks to his plastic housing with (IP67 - waterproof and dustproof) certification, you can work with ST640 GPS tracker in extreme weather conditions without fear that the tracker are break.