Suntech ST3300 GPS asset tracker integration

ST3300 GPS asset tracker integration of the Suntech brand. Protect your mobile asset using the (SMS alerts) that detect when Suntech ST3300 be moved, the 3-axis internal accelerometer generate an event and the tracker send alert to a mobile phone or to online server.

You can delimit different "Virtual geofences - circular/polygonal - for service routes or deliveries tasks" in ST3300 GPS tracker ideal for field service management control, the setup of geofences can make it sending SMS text messages or from the Suntech configurator software. Suntech ST3300 accept two modes to locate your mobile asset: (from an external Tracking Management Platform "is necessary change IP/port", through online server of Suntech company, sending different text messages with commands via SMS). For improve the "efficient driving" of your mobile asset, ST3300 generate "crash reconstruction in real-time and driving pattern analysis" that you can manage scheduled reports from the Suntech server or from the external tracking management platform with hours of service control. If you need to control the temperature monitoring on your mobile asset, can install a "temperature sensor" through the (1-Wire) interface of Suntech ST3300 GPS tracker. To increase the driver safety of your mobile asset, ST3300 allow connect a "panic button" in the digital input of Suntech GPS tracker to generate SOS emergency messages that you can receive in a predefined mobile phone.