Suntech ST360 UBI and PAYD GPS tracker integration

ST360 UBI and PAYD GPS tracker integration of the Suntech brand. Installing an (panic button) in your Suntech ST360 can receive SOS emergency messages, every time that your vehicle driver can click on emergency button.

You can control the hours of service of ST360 UBI and PAYD GPS tracker in real-time from our Tracking Management Platform always online, from online server that offer Suntech company or sending text messages with commands via mobile phone. Suntech ST360 allow to delimit some "Virtual geofences - circular - for service routes or deliveries tasks" that helping to control when your vehicle enter or leave of the virtual geofences, the configuration you can make it sending SMS text messages or from Suntech configurator software. The 3-axis movement sensor of ST360 GPS tracker generate events with the follow reports: (crash reconstruction in real-time and driving pattern analysis), thanks to these reports you increase the performance of your vehicle over the "driving behaviour". With Suntech ST360 can work in extreme weather conditions, thanks to that his plastic housing has (IP67 - dust and waterproof) certification. Suntech designed the ST360 GPS tracker for the target market of GPS vehicle tracking and the telematics fleet management.