Albatross System Terminal GPRS FM11 GPS vehicle tracker integration

Terminal GPRS FM11 GPS vehicle tracker integration of the Albatross System brand. With internals (GPS antenna and GSM antenna), Albatross System Terminal GPRS FM11 be install more easy for don´t need meters of wire to the conventional external antennas.

If the two "digital inputs" of Terminal GPRS FM11 GPS vehicle tracker don´t be sufficient to connect external hardware, you can add more "digital inputs" if contact with Albatross System company and demand that increase the two inputs that has by default FM11. The real-time hours of service control of Albatross System Terminal GPRS FM11 can make it from our Tracking Management Platform always online with field service management control and their fuel consumption control or from the online server that Albatross System offer. Terminal GPRS FM11 integrate an "Anti-theft system" that send emergency scheduled reports to a mobile phone when detect the follow sabotage events: (power supply disconnecting, unauthorized tow, unauthorized movement in service routes or deliveries tasks), with these function improve your vehicle safety. Albatross System designed the plastic housing of "Terminal GPRS FM11" model with (IP68 - waterproof) certification, with this certification you can work in any type of automatic vehicle dispatch with extreme weather condition without fear to that FM11 can breakdown. Terminal GPRS FM11 is it also a "Standalone GPS" with Li-Ion battery, can work long time periods with the backup battery or continue using the vehicle battery where you install the FM11 unit. Using FM11 in our tracking management platform that has European regulations of tachograph, you can manage the control of driving habits and control their vehicle care driving or manage their vehicle event management without requirement limit, also you can use our REST API to connect existing applications. From our tracking management platform, you can also control their GPRS FM11 tracker using our mobile applications for vehicle location and you can manage their vehicle fuel consumption control that help you to reduce company cost.