Concox AT5 solar powered GPS tracker integration with 10000mAh battery

AT5 (5.5V/400mA) solar powered GPS tracker integration of the Concox brand. Concox AT5 GPS tracker can be used for the (GPS container tracking), this type of tracking have some inactivity periods or needed a tracker with long life battery.

The real-time tracking of AT5 solar powered GPS tracker can make it from our Tracking Management Platform, only need edit the default IP/port or if you no use an external service can manage AT5 from the tracking platform that Concox offer. When you install AT5 tracker and start to work, if previously setup the "sabotage alert" you can receive in your mobile phone "SMS alerts" when Concox solar powered GPS tracker detect that the device is disassembled or open the plastic case. Concox AT5 can cover different requirements in the GPS container tracking, vehicle tracking, fleet management and working in any type of extreme weather conditions thanks to his plastic case with (IPX7 - waterproof) protection. AT5 solar powered GPS tracker charge the internal battery always that dispose of solar light, but when finish charge or not detect solar light pass to work directly in (Standalone GPS) mode using the internal battery of "10000mAh/3.7V" that is capable of during some months depending of the positions that generate for day. Concox AT5 can be a great value alternative for used in the GPS asset tracking that no have a power source or no cant install a GPS tracker with wires for problems of guaranty or insurance policy.