Concox JM-LG02 GPS tracker integration for GPS asset tracking

JM-LG02 GPS tracker integration for asset tracking of the Concox brand. Sending SMS text messages or from the configurator software of Concox JM-LG02 tracker you can setup some preventive "SMS alerts" to protect your high value mobile asset.

JM-LG02 can be an economical solution for the "fleet management" of trucks, vans, vehicles that needed install a GPS tracker that not has wires or external antennas that can finish with the vehicle guaranty. You can locate in real-time and control hours of service of Concox JM-LG02 GPS tracker from any "tracking management platform" that be compatible with these model or using the tracking platform that offer by default the Concox company. With JM-LG02 tracker reduce costs in maintenance, thanks to his internals (ceramic GPS antenna / quad-band GSM antenna) that make easy the installation to save in connection wires or external antennas wires. Concox JM-LG02 can continue sending data packets and scheduled reports to "tracking management platform or to Concox server" when lost GPRS signal, using his internal Wi-Fi antenna that make impossible that you lost the exact position of mobile asset. JM-LG02 is a "Standalone GPS" with rechargeable battery of (750mAh/3.0V) that in standby mode and sending one position a day can during up to 1 year, contact with Concox company to kwon how during the battery in different scenarios for GPS asset tracking.