Albatross System Terminal GPRS S8.5 GPS tracker integration for fleet management

Terminal GPRS S8.5 GPS tracker integration for fleet management of the Albatross System brand. Temperature control in real-time using a (temperature sensor) connected to Albatross System Terminal GPRS S8.5 through the analog input, with these function can increase the temperature control of your vehicle.

Albatross System designed Terminal GPRS S8.5 GPS tracker with an internal "3D sensor" that detect events for the (driving control - eco driving - care driving): "vehicle sabotage, vehicle towing, accident detection", with these information assure the protection of your vehicle. You can control the hours of service of their automatic vehicle dispatch on your vehicle in real-time using Albatross System Terminal GPRS S8.5 in an external "tracking management platform" that has European regulations of tachograph data with field service management control of the that offers Albatross or use the default online server, always depending of your need. Manage the (driver identification - can save up to 256 ID numbers) avoiding the unauthorized driving in the vehicle that has installed a Terminal GPRS S8.5, the management be make with RFID from the (1-Wire) interface. For improve your daily "fleet management", you can connect a Garmin (FMI) navigator to Albatross System Terminal GPRS S8.5 GPS tracker and make 2-way communications with the vehicle driver´s, sending (POI for service routes or deliveries tasks, locations or messages). The most important feature that offer the Terminal GPRS S8.5 device, is his capacity of extract telematics data from the (Can Bus/FMS/J1708/J1939/OBDII) and send it in real-time to tracking management platform, can reading the follows Scheduled Reports: (instantaneous fuel control consumption, axle load, pressure on the gas pedal, driving time, engine work time, vehicle speed, engine temperature, fuel level, total distance, etc...). Using your S8.5 from our GPS tracking platform, you can control their vehicle event management without requirement limit and also can be use without extra cost our REST API to connect existing applications.