Integration Albatross System CAN module for fleet management and vehicle tracking

CAN module integration for fleet management and GPS vehicle tracking of Albatross System brand. With Albatross System CAN module can increase the telematics data in your fleet management thanks to that extract of vehicle Can Bus the follow information: (instantaneous fuel consumption, engine torque, engine speed, pressure on the 4 axles, engine oil and coolant temperature, total engine running time, total drive time, pressure on the gas pedal, total fuel consumption, fuel level, engine RPM, vehicle millage, engine conditions, ignition signal, etc...).

CAN module of Albatross System company support the follows protocols for reading Can Bus data (J1708/J1939/FMS) and support more of "750 models of supply and heavy machinery, trucks, passenger vehicles", you can consult with Albatross company if your vehicle or asset is compatible. CAN module offer reports for "green driving": (overspeed "time/rpm", harsh braking, harsh acceleration) that help to improve the performance in your daily fleet management. From the Albatross System GPS platform or from an external tracking management platform, you can manage all events that send the CAN module directly from your vehicle Can Bus in real-time and without requirement limits the 24 hours a day. Edit the configuration or update firmware of CAN module of Albatross System company with the (OTA - Over the Air) function and reduce costs in unnecessary technical services. The connection of CAN module is through "plug and play", after of his installation find automatically the vehicle model and make an automatic synchronization of all parameters that can read from the vehicle Can Bus, no is necessary that you config the Albatross System module.