ATrack AP1 vehicle lighter GPS tracker integration with OTA function

AP1 vehicle lighter GPS tracker integration with (HSPA/GPRS) technology of ATrack brand. Thanks to his internal buzzer the ATrack AP1 GPS tracker can generate some (visual and sound alerts) that help to protect your vehicle in their automatic vehicle dispatch, you can config different events for generating alerts.

The tracking and hours of service control of AP1 vehicle lighter GPS tracker with their fuel consumption control can make it from our tracking management platform that has European regulations of tachograph changing the default config or can use the ATrack GPS platform, you select that service use by your need. Using AP1 in our tracking management platform, you can manage their vehicle care driving and control their vehicle eco driving or manage their vehicle event management depending of your need, in addition you can also use our REST API to connect existing applications and manage their service routes and deliveries tasks without any requirement limit or control their automatic vehicle dispatch that help you to reduce cost. From our tracking management platform, you can also manage some type of scheduled reports depending of your need and you can control their AP1 tracker using our mobile applications for vehicle location or you can manage their vehicle preventative maintenance that help you to reduce cost, in addition you can use without extra cost our automatic data sending service to external servers and manage their drivers control of driving habits that help you to reduce cost or you can control their manual task registration depending of your need, also you can manage their vehicle fuel consumption control without any requirement limit and control their vehicle hours of service control (HoS) that help you to reduce cost. For the "driving control" ATrack AP1 detect any movement or vehicle impacts in your service routes or deliveries tasks, the detection of these events be generates by internal G-sensor and you can look the reports in the tracking management platform. With AP1 vehicle lighter GPS tracker can working in the GPS tracking for insurance telematics of vehicle or in the real-time fleet management of any vehicle that has lighter connector and also manage the field service management. Through the (OTA - Over the Air) function of ATrack AP1 GPS tracker, can change config parameters or firmware update remotely without uninstall AP1 of your vehicle, with the OTA function reduce costs in technical services. The most attractive feature of AP1 model of ATrack company, is that be installed directly on the lighter connector of your vehicle in "plug and play" mode and when connect AP1 to lighter connector start to locate in real-time.