ATrack AX11 vehicle GPS tracker integration with OBDII port

AX11 GPS tracker integration with direct connection to OBDII port of ATrack brand. ATrack AX11 OBDII tracker allows connect through his (1-Wire) interface the follows external devices: (a external temperature sensor for vehicle temperature management, install a panic button, use some iButtons).

AX11 integrate an internal buzzer that generate related sounds with the events of "driving behaviour´s" of your vehicle in your service routes or deliveries tasks, you can edit the sounds of ATrack tracker depending your need. With ATrack AX11 OBDII tracker you can locate your vehicle of 3 different modes with hours of service control and their fuel consumption control: (sending commands with SMS text messages from a mobile phone, using the GPS server of ATrack company or editing the IP/port to use an external tracking management platform), also accept setup by USB cable, use also an REST API to connect existing applications or firmware update via FOTA. Using AX11 in our GPS tracking platform that has European regulations of tachograph, you can manage some type of scheduled reports. In our GPS tracking platform you can also control their vehicle event management and manage their vehicle care driving. Thanks to the (RS232) interface of AX11 tracker, you can connect a Garmin device for in-car navigation ideal for the field service management or manage the "unauthorized driving" with driver´s identification in their automatic vehicle dispatch using RFID readers. The installation of ATrack AX11 tracker is in "plug and play" mode, only need connect AX11 tracker to OBDII port of your vehicle and start the GPS tracking, thanks to "plug and play" connection mode, you reduce costs in technical services. ATrack has designed AX11 GPS tracker for GPS vehicle tracking that dispose of an OBDII port, AX11 is compatible with various vehicles, truck and vans brands.