ATrack AU7 (3G/4GLTE) vehicle GPS tracker integration

AU7 (3G/4GLTE) vehicle GPS tracker integration of the ATrack brand. With ATrack AU7 you can manage the driving behaviours of your driver´s, when AU7 detect the follows events: (overspeed, harsh cornering, harsh braking, harsh acceleration), help to increase the driving performance.

Up to 64 "Virtual geofences - circular, polygonal, rectangular" can be defined in the AU7 GPS vehicle tracker, every time that one of the virtual geofences for service routes or deliveries tasks to be crossed by the ATrack tracker you receive an SMS message or an alert in your mobile phone. The real-time tracking and hours of service control of ATrack AU7 tracker you can make it with 3 different modes: (sending commands with SMS messages, from the online server that ATrack offer, from an external tracking management platform "need change IP/port"), the 2 online modes are more economic that use different SMS text messages. Through the integrate "1-Wire" interface of AU7 tracker, can connect and manage the follows external peripherical: (trailer identification, use iButtons for the driver identification, connect up to 4 temperature sensors that controlling the vehicle temperature). Thanks to "RS232" serial port of ATrack AU7 GPS vehicle tracker, you improving the technical features if connect the follow external hardware with AU7: (ATrack CAN solution, Iridium Solution Kit, CMOS Camera, Garmin PND (FMI 2.0), RFID reader & Tag). You can reduce costs in vehicle maintenance using the (OTA - Over the Air) function of AU7 tracker, that allow firmware upgrade remotely through the FTP protocol without need of that you uninstall the ATrack GPS tracker of your vehicle.