ATrack AK7V GPS tracker integration with microphone / speaker for two-way communication

AK7V GPS tracker integration with microphone / speaker for two-way communication of Atrack brand. With ATrack AK7V can cover different types of requirements for GPS vehicle tracking or telematics fleet management in real-time with automatic vehicle dispatch.

AK7V GPS vehicle tracker offer "driving control" or "eco driving" in real-time, thanks to internal 3-axis accelerometer that detect impacts and movement, with these feature you improve the safety of your vehicle. You can config ATrack AK7V through SMS text messages or configurator software, for hours of service control in the vehicle that has installed an AK7V you can use the online server of ATrack company or edit IP/port in the device config to use an external tracking management platform that has European regulations of tachograph data. Using the "1-Wire" interface of AK7V GPS tracker with microphone / speaker, can connect and manage events of: (vehicle temperature connecting a temperature sensor, use iButtons for driver identification, control the trailer identification). The most interest feature of ATrack AK7V GPS vehicle tracker is that dispose of "RS232 / RS485" interface capable of support the follows connections of external hardware: (ATrack CAN solution, Garmin PND, CMOS Camera, RFID reader & Tag, fuel level sensor), connecting any of these external devices you can dispose of more telematics data for manage in real-time from the external tracking management platform or ATrack online server. If use AK7V in our GPS tracking platform, you can control their vehicle care driving without requirement limit and you can manage their drivers control of driving habits that help you to reduce cost or you can manage their vehicle hours of service control (HoS), also can be use our REST API to connect existing applications and manage their vehicle efficient driving without any requirement limit or control their automatic vehicle dispatch depending of your need, in addition you can manage their vehicle eco driving that help you to reduce cost and control their manual task registration without any requirement limit. From our GPS tracking platform, you can also manage their vehicle fuel consumption control that help you to reduce company cost and you can control their vehicle event management depending of your need or you can manage their vehicle preventative maintenance without requirement limit, in addition you can control their AK7V tracker using our mobile applications for vehicle tracking and you can use without extra cost our automatic data sending service to external servers or manage their service routes and deliveries tasks depending of your need, also you can control their field service management without any requirement limit and manage some type of scheduled reports that help you to reduce cost. AK7V GPS tracker with microphone / speaker can be compatible with (Can Bus - OBDII/J1939/J1708) and extract telematics data from Can Bus, if you acquire an extra accessory that offer ATrack company called "ATrack AC3R".