ATrack AX7B GPS tracker integration with OBDII port

AX7B GPS tracker integration with OBDII port of ATrack brand. With ATrack AX7B OBDII tracker and his (RS232) interface you can manage the in-car navigation, you just need to connect a (Garmin PND FMI 2.0) navigator in the RS232 interface.

ATrack offer 3 modes for that you controlled the hours of service in AX7B tracker connected to your vehicle OBDII port: (sending different commands with SMS text messages, using ATrack server, through an external tracking management platform), the 2 online modes are more economic that use various SMS messages. ATrack AX7B allow config different events or scheduled reports that when are generate, you can dispose of various "visual and sound alerts" thanks to the internal buzzer, with these function increase your vehicle driving control. Thanks to the "Bluetooth 4.0 BLE" connectivity of AX7B OBDII tracker, you can pair some external hardware components with ATrack tracker without use wires, the Bluetooth connectivity cover requirements for IoT applications. With ATrack AX7B tracker reduce costs in maintenance, you simply need connect in "plug and play" mode AX7B to vehicle OBDII port for start to locate in real-time and managing the field service management. ATrack has designed AX7B OBDII tracker for cover any type of service routes or deliveries tasks on the GPS vehicle tracking, consult with ATrack company if your vehicle is compatible with the OBDII read data.