ATrack AL11 waterproof NB / IoT GPS tracker integration

AL11 (4G LTE Cat.1/3G) NB / IoT GPS tracker integration of ATrack brand. Save costs in technical services with ATrack AL11 and his (OTA - Over the Air) function, firmware upgrade from the distance without uninstall the tracker of your mobile asset, also allow configuration via USB cable or SMS.

AL11 integrate a 3-axis accelerometer that detects harsh impacts and any movement on the ATrack NB / IoT GPS tracker, improve the "driving control" of your high value mobile asset with these feature. ATrack AL11 accept 3 modes for locate the mobile asset where you install the tracker: (sending commands with SMS text messages, from default Atrack server, using an external tracking management platform "need edit IP/port"). Using the "1-Wire" interface of AL11 NB / IoT GPS tracker, you can manage: (the real-time temperature connecting up to 2 temperature sensors, trailer ID, use iButtons for driver identification). To improve your driver´s protection, you can use an digital input of ATrack AL11 tracker and connect a "panic button" that generate (SOS emergency messages) sending notifications to your mobile phone or to tracking management platform. ATrack has designed AL11 NB / IoT GPS tracker with an plastic casing that has (IP67 - waterproof and dust) certification, thanks to this certification you can continue working on the GPS tracking in any extreme weather condition.