ATrack AL7 motorcycles GPS tracker integration (IP66 waterproof)

AL7 GPS tracker integration for motorcycles or fleet management of ATrack brand. Through the (OTA - Over the Air) function of ATrack AL7 tracker you can firmware upgrade remotely, no is necessary uninstall the unit of your motorcycle/asset/vehicle, AL7 also allow that you can use an REST API to connect existing applications.

With AL7 motorcycles tracker can monitoring different scheduled reports of "driving behaviour´s" based on configurable events, you improve the driving performance in the motorcycle/asset/vehicle that install an ATrack tracker. 3 tracking modes has ATrack AL7 GPS tracker that you can use depending of your need with hours of service control and manage their fuel consumption control: (sending commands with SMS text messages, using the default ATrack server, from an external tracking management platform "edit IP/port in config"). If you need improve the safety and protection of driver of your motorcycle/asset/vehicle, can install a "panic button" that send (SOS emergency messages) to a mobile phone or to tracking management platform when the driver click on panic button of AL7 tracker. Thanks to "1-Wire" interface of ATrack AL7 motorcycles tracker, you can manage: (trailer identification, use iButtons for driver identification in their automatic vehicle dispatch, connect 2 temperature sensors to real-time temperature control). The ATrack company has designed AL7 model with an plastic casing with (IP66 - waterproof) certification, that allow cover different requirements of motorcycle/asset/vehicle GPS tracking and with these IP66 certification can continue working on service routes or deliveries tasks without stop your tracker in extreme weather conditions.