Astra Telematics AT200 vehicle GPS tracker integration with (Bluetooth)

AT200 vehicle GPS tracker integration for fleet management of the Astra Telematics brand. Connecting an (temperature sensor) to the (1-Wire) interface of Astra Telematics AT200, you can avoid that your vehicle temperature excess of the established limits.

Dispose of different telematics reports associated with the "driving behaviour", AT200 generate analysis thanks to his internal 3-axis accelerometer and you can manage these analysis from an online service. You can locate Astra Telematics AT200 in real-time of 3 different modes: (sending text messages with commands via SMS, using an external tracking management platform, from the default Astra Telematics online server), the data transfer can making with the (TCP / UDP) protocols. AT200 is a more economic GPS tracker, but can cover requirements for: (vehicle GPS tracking, fleet management, "UBI and PAYD" services). If you need avoid possible thefts or the unauthorized driving on the vehicle where install an Astra Telematics AT200, is highly recommended that manage the "driver identification" through (NFC card / RFID / Bluetooth / iButton). Also using the (Bluetooth) connectivity of AT200 GPS vehicle tracker, you can authorized different driver´s associated an mobile phone with the that can immobilised your Astra Telematics tracker remotely.