Concox VG01U vehicle GPS tracker integration with Inertial navigation system

VG01U GPS tracker integration with INS (Inertial navigation system) of the Concox brand. With Concox VG01U you can cover any requirement type to manage the GPS vehicle tracking (particular or companies), VG01U is an economic tracker that can be a great option for the real-time tracking.

VG01U can working with the (GLONASS / GPS) navigation systems, improving the quality in real-time positioning and offers more available satellite quantity that helping to increase the exact fix position. You can use 3 different GPS tracking modes with Concox VG01U GPS vehicle tracker: (sending text messages with mobile phone via SMS, using an external tracking management platform "edit default IP/port", from the Concox online server), select the mode that you need. VG01U allow setup some "virtual geofences" related with zones of bad GPS coverage, together with the "virtual geofences for service routes or deliveries tasks control" the Concox GPS tracker can use his (INS inertial navigation system) to offer the fix GPS position in any scenario type. From external tracking management platform or Concox server, you can manage different telematics reports associated with the "driving behaviour" that detect in real-time Concox VG01U GPS vehicle tracker in your field service management, thanks to this events you increase the driving performance of your vehicle. You can use VG01U in (standalone GPS) mode, using the internal 270mAh battery with a duration of: (1,5 hours in working time or 28 hours in standby mode) or you can use Concox GPS tracker connecting to your vehicle/asset internal voltage. Using VG01U in our GPS tracking platform that has European regulations of tachograph, you can manage their efficient driving and control their vehicle event management or you can manage their vehicle fuel control depending of your need, also use our REST API to connect existing applications and manage their drivers control of driving habits that help you to reduce cost or you can control their manual task registration without any requirement limit, in addition you can manage their vehicle hours of service control (HoS) without any requirement limit and control their automatic vehicle dispatch depending of your need or manage their vehicle eco driving that help you to reduce cost. From our GPS tracking platform, you can also manage the care driving of their drivers without any requirement limit and you can control their vehicle preventative maintenance that help you to reduce company cost or you can manage some type of scheduled reports depending of your need, in addition you can control their VG01U tracker using our mobile applications for vehicle tracking and you can use without extra cost our automatic data sending service to external servers or control their service routes and deliveries tasks without any requirement limit.