Digital Matter Telematics FALCON NB / IoT GPS tracker integration (2G / 4G / Wi-Fi)

FALCON NB / IoT GPS tracker integration for asset tracking of the Digital Matter Telematics brand. With the integrated (OTA - Over the Air) function you can be firmware update or edit config parameters remotely, you no need uninstall FALCON of your mobile asset, only need send commands.

Through the (inter-IC communications) interface of FALCON GPS tracker you can connect different external sensors: (CO2 gas sensor, vibration sensor, humidity sensor, temperature sensor), contact with Digital Matter Telematics if you have doubts about the compatibility of your sensor. Digital Matter Telematics FALCON support 3 real-time GPS tracking modes with hours of service control: (sending SMS messages with mobile phone, using an external tracking management platform, from Digital Matter server), from the online services you can send (OTA - Over the Air) commands. With FALCON NB / IoT GPS tracker can be working in extreme weather conditions without stop your mobile asset, thanks to the plastic housing with (IP67 - waterproof) protection that has designed Digital Matter Telematics to this model. You can use FALCON tracker in "standalone GPS mode" with (3 replaceable Lithium batteries) or connecting FALCON GPS tracker to the power source of your mobile asset. When Digital Matter Telematics FALCON lost coverage with the (2G / 4G) networks and don´t can fix GPS position, active his (WPS Wi-Fi positioning system) with a "sniffer" that scan access points in Wi-Fi networks and when connect to the Wi-Fi network continues uploading the data packet and scheduled reports to tracking management platform.