Digital Matter Telematics G52S solar powered GPS tracker integration

G52S solar powered GPS tracker integration for mobile asset of the Digital Matter Telematics brand. With Digital Matter Telematics G52S you'll be able to connect and manage some external sensors (fuel sensors, humidity sensors, temperature sensor, etc.), thanks to his (SDI-12) interface.

Without uninstalling G52S solar powered GPS tracker of your mobile asset, you can use the "OTA - Over the Air" function that allow change config parameters and update firmware remotely, thanks to the OTA function you save costs in maintenance services. Digital Matter Telematics G52S accept 3 GPS tracking modes with hours of service control: (sending SMS messages with mobile phone, using an external tracking management platform, from the default Digital Matter server), always is better use an online service that send much SMS messages. Depending your need, can be use G52S GPS tracker in "standalone GPS - with energy of his internal 800mAh battery" or using the power source of your mobile asset (support voltage 9-24V DC). Digital Matter Telematics G52S integrate a "3-axis accelerometer" that detect: (any movement in service routes or deliveries tasks, impacts, accidents), thanks to detection of these events you increase the "driving control" in your mobile asset or vehicle. Digital Matter Telematics has designed the plastic housing of G52S solar powered GPS tracker with (IP67 - waterproof) certification, can be cover different requirements for mobile asset control in extreme weather conditions without fear that your G52S tracker stop to positioning.