Digital Matter Telematics Oyster Sigfox GPS asset tracker integration

Oyster Sigfox GPS tracker integration with communication in the SigFox network of the Digital Matter Telematics brand. With the (standalone GPS tracker) Digital Matter Telematics Oyster Sigfox you can use two AA batteries types (lithium or alkaline), to improve the duration time in the GPS tracking of your mobile asset, is recommended that use lithium batteries.

To protect your mobile asset of thefts or sabotages, you can config Oyster Sigfox GPS tracker for that send "SMS alerts" to a mobile phone when Digital Matter Telematics GPS tracker detect that your mobile asset be move in "working afterhours". Digital Matter Telematics Oyster Sigfox offer 2 GPS tracking modes, that you can select depending your need: (using an external tracking management platform "edit default IP/port", from the Digital Matter GPS server), the data packets with events and scheduled reports that send Oyster to the online services are through the "SigFox network". Through the (OTA - Over the Air) function or with USB programming cable, you can update firmware or change config parameters in Oyster Sigfox GPS tracker, using the "OTA" function you save costs in maintenance services without uninstalling the GPS tracker of your mobile asset. Digital Matter Telematics Oyster Sigfox integrated (GPS/GLONASS with 72 channels) antennas that improving the accurate in the fix position and offers more satellite numbers, the internal antennas facility the installation of Oyster Sigfox. Digital Matter Telematics has designed the plastic housing of Oyster Sigfox GPS tracker with (IP67 - waterproof) certification, thanks to this certification you can continue working in the mobile asset management control in service routes or deliveries tasks with extreme weather conditions.