CalAmp LMU-3030 LTE OBDII GPS tracker integration for vehicle tracking

LMU-3030 LTE OBDII GPS tracker integration for vehicle tracking of the CalAmp brand. Control your driver through (visual and sound alerts) with CalAmp LMU-3030 LTE tracker, you only need to config the alerts and associated to the (internal buzzer), when one alert is active the buzzer sound around your vehicle.

Up to (32 virtual geofences) you can manage with LMU-3030 LTE OBDII GPS tracker and receive alerts by "virtual geofences" in the mobile phone, using the "geofences for service routes or deliveries tasks control" you avoid possible thefts or frauds of your driver´s. Can be locate the vehicle that has installed an CalAmp LMU-3030 LTE tracker through hours of service control from: (our tracking management platform always online "edit IP/port" or from the online server of CalAmp company), from the two services you can also manage the "visual and sound alerts - virtual geofences". With LMU-3030 LTE OBDII GPS tracker and the (Bluetooth BLE) connectivity, you can connect via Bluetooth some external devices without connect any extra wire, contact with CalAmp company to know if your external hardware is compatible with LMU-3030 LTE model. CalAmp LMU-3030 LTE help to increase the "driving behaviour´s" of your driver´s detecting the follow events from his "3-axis accelerometer": (tilt detection, movement sensing, impacts detection, aggressive driving), from the tracking management platform can manage some reports over the "driving style". The LMU-3030 LTE OBDII GPS tracker installation is in (plug and play) mode, directly connect to your vehicle OBDII port the CalAmp GPS tracker and start the real-time tracking.