Coban GPS-306 GPS tracker integration with OBDII port

GPS-306 GPS tracker integration with integrated OBDII port of the Coban brand. With Coban GPS-306 GPS tracker with microphone / speaker you or the fleet managers can be make (voice monitor), feature highly recommended for driver control in real-time.

If you setup the alert of "over speed" on GPS-306 OBDII tracker, can increase your daily (driving control) and receive notifications in your mobile phone when Coban GPS tracker detect that your vehicle excess the preconfigured speed limits. 3 GPS tracking modes offer Coban GPS-306 tracker that you can used depending your need: (sending SMS text messages with commands, from Coban online server, using an external tracking management platform "edit IP/port"), always is more economic use online services that sends multiple SMS messages. GPS-306 allow delimit some "virtual geofences" that help to increase the driving control of your drivers, you receive on the mobile phone the "virtual geofences alert" when Coban OBDII tracker cross the predefined geofences. Coban GPS-306 has multiples "SMS alerts" to improve your vehicle security: (GPS blind spot alert, low battery alert, without GSM network service alert, maintenance remain alert, external power off alert, movement alert), the notifications of the "SMS alerts" GPS-306 send them to a mobile phone or to tracking management platform. With GPS-306 tracker you reduce costs in technical services thanks to his (plug and play) mode installation, you only need connecting Coban GPS tracker to OBDII port of your vehicle to start the real-time GPS tracking.