Suntech ST510 GPS tracker integration with OBDII port

ST510 GPS tracker integration with OBDII port for vehicles of the Suntech brand. Suntech ST510 tracker can be working in (standalone GPS mode) using his back-up rechargeable (350 mAh) battery or can be working continuously connected to OBDII port using the vehicle battery (8V - 33V), thanks to the back-up battery is impossible lost the location of your vehicle.

With ST510 OBDII tracker you can be control your vehicle and your driver´s using different "(circular / polygonal) virtual geofences" that you can be config via (PC or SMS), when Suntech GPS tracker cross any of the "predefined geofences" send an alert with notification to your mobile phone. 3 GPS tracking modes support Suntech ST510 OBDII tracker that you can be used depending your need: (sending commands with SMS text messages, from an external tracking management platform "edit default IP/port", using the Suntech online server), ST510 can be send data packets through the (TCP, UDP, SMS) protocols. ST510 offers 3 "SMS alerts" to prevent vehicle emergencies and you can be setup through (PC or SMS): (Jamming detection alert, G force excess alert, accident detection alert), when Suntech OBDII tracker detect any of these events, send an alert to your mobile phone. To avoid that your driver´s driving in aggressive form, Suntech ST510 GPS tracker analyse the follows "driving behaviour" in real-time: (over speeding, harsh cornering, harsh braking, harsh acceleration), when ST510 detect that vehicle excess the preconfigured limits to the "eco driving" sends data packets to tracking management platform on where you can be analyse different telematics reports. Thanks to the installation "plug and play" mode of Suntech GPS tracker, you save costs in technical services and only need to connect directly ST510 tracker to your vehicle OBDII port for start the GPS tracking.