Xirgo Technologies XT3100 GPS tracker integration + IoT communication Gateway

XT3100 GPS tracker integration + IoT communication Gateway of the Xirgo Technologies brand. Xirgo Technologies XT3100 tracker can be used in different scenarios of GPS tracking such as: (mobile asset tracking, vehicle tracking, GPS container tracking, trailers tracking), ideal for IoT telematics solutions.

XT3100 XirgoVision is an highly recommended solution for GPS asset tracking that no have self-power, has a rechargeable 10 Ah (expandable up to 15 Ah - standalone GPS) battery that you can be charged always that you need and XT3100 also can be connect to an 14-watt solar panel of the Xirgo Technologies company for charge the battery. The real-time GPS tracking of "mobile asset or vehicle" that has installed an Xirgo Technologies XT3100 you can be made in 3 different modes with hours of service control (HoS): (sending SMS text messages with mobile phone, from an external tracking management platform "edit IP/port in device config"), is highly recommended used the online services to save costs in SMS messages and dispose of more information in real-time. XT3100 communication Gateway can be continue sending telematics events to tracking management platform through "Wi-Fi" connection when lost coverage in the different available cellular networks, contact with Xirgo Technologies to know is also possible connect external devices to "Wi-Fi" of tracker. With Xirgo Technologies XT3100 you can be control and analyse different telematics reports that XT3100 extract directly from the "Can Bus" of (vehicle or mobile asset), the most recommended option for the "Can Bus" data analysis is used Xirgo server or an external tracking management platform. The XT3100 communication Gateway dispose of (Bluetooth) connectivity that you can be used to connecting some external devices without used any wire, consult with Xirgo Technologies to know if your external device is compatible with XT3100.