Ruptela FM-Plug4 GPS tracker integration with OBDII port

FM-Plug4 GPS tracker integration for vehicle tracking with OBDII port of the Ruptela brand. With Ruptela FM-Plug4 (GPS tracker with microphone / speaker) can be made spy-listening around of vehicle, controlling theft or possible frauds.

To prevent sabotage or theft in your vehicle, FM-Plug4 allows config different "SMS alerts" by: (OBDII port disconnect, vehicle towing, virtual geofences alert), when Ruptela GPS tracker detect any of these events starting to send the "SMS alerts" to a predefined mobile phone. Ruptela FM-Plug4 OBDII tracker dispose of 3 GPS tracking modes and hours of service control that you can be used depending of your need: (from the Ruptela online server, using an external tracking management platform "change default IP/port in device config", sending SMS text messages with commands), is highly recommended used online services that help to save costs in SMS communications. You can be create some "virtual geofences" to control your vehicle or your driver´s in FM-Plug4 GPS tracker, when Ruptela OBDII tracker cross the "virtual geofences for service routes or deliveries tasks" starting to send "SMS alerts by geofences" to your mobile phone. Increase the driving performance of your driver´s with the reports over "driving behaviour" that offer Ruptela FM-Plug4 GPS tracker, when the vehicle driver excess the preconfigured limits for the "driving behaviour" FM-Plug4 generate events of "aggressive driving" that you can be analyse in the Ruptela server or in the external tracking management platform. Thanks to (plug and play) installation mode of FM-Plug4 tracker you save costs in technical services, to start the GPS tracking only need connect Ruptela GPS tracker to OBDII port of your vehicle without connection of external wires.