Xirgo Technologies XT2400 GPS tracker integration with OBDII port

XT2400 GPS tracker integration for vehicles with OBDII port of the Xirgo Technologies brand. From the vehicle ECU Xirgo Technologies XT2400 tracker can read the follow telematics data: (vehicle error codes, speed, seat belt status, tire pressure sensor, engine oil, fuel level, odometer), consult with Xirgo if XT2400 can extract more information of your vehicle model.

Xirgo Technologies offers the (OTA) function in XT2400 OBDII tracker, thanks to the (OTA) function you don´t need uninstalling XT2400 of your vehicle and can be firmware update or change config parameters remotely, saving costs in technical services. To be an OBDII tracker, Xirgo Technologies XT2400 can cover requirements to "vehicle tracking and fleet management" and in special for vehicles that don´t can release new installations for the vehicle insurance. 3 GPS tracking modes dispose XT2400 OBDII tracker for that you locate your vehicle with hours of service control: (sending SMS text messages with commands from a mobile phone, from the Xirgo Technologies online server, using an external tracking management platform "edit IP/port in device config"), from the GPS online services you can be manage all telematics events that XT2400 send directly from the OBDII. With Xirgo Technologies XT2400 and his "driving behaviour" analysis you can avoid that your driver´s make an aggressive driving in your vehicle, with these reports of the "driving behaviour" increase your daily "fleet management" and your vehicle performance. XT2400 save costs in installation through the connection in (plug and play) mode, config Xirgo Technologies tracker and directly connecting tracker in the OBDII port of your vehicle for start the real-time tracking.