Xirgo Technologies XT2100 GPS tracker integration for asset tracking

XT2100 GPS tracker integration for asset tracking of the Xirgo Technologies brand. Save costs in technical services with the (OTA - Over the Air) function of Xirgo Technologies XT2100 tracker, without uninstalling XT2100 of your mobile asset can be change config parameters and firmware update remotely.

Acquiring an extra option that Xirgo Technologies offer to XT2100 GPS tracker, you can be dispose in XT2100 tracker of a buzzer for emergency alerts and one backup battery that convert XT2100 in a "standalone GPS" ideal for GPS asset tracking. With Xirgo Technologies XT2100 can be locate your mobile asset in 3 different GPS tracking modes: (sending SMS text messages with commands, using the Xirgo online server, from an external tracking management platform "edit IP/port in the tracker config"), contact with Xirgo Technologies to know if from the online services you can send (OTA - commands) to XT2100 tracker. Xirgo Technologies has designed XT2100 model to cover requirements of "GPS asset tracking", but also XT2100 GPS tracker you can used in requirements of "fleet management - vehicles - vans - truck". Xirgo Technologies XT2100 help to reduce costs in installation thanks to the integrated (GSM antenna and GPS antenna), if you need locate a mobile asset that no have more space for install a GPS tracker, XT2100 can be an effective solution. Xirgo Technologies includes in XT2100 GPS asset tracker the follows IO inputs/output: (1 digital output, 1 analogue input, 2 digital inputs), through these inputs/output you can be connect some external devices that improving the XT2100 technical features.