Ruptela FM-Eco4+ S GPS tracker integration for vehicle tracking with (OTA)

FM-Eco4+ S GPS tracker integration for vehicle tracking of the Ruptela brand. Ruptela FM-Eco4+ S GPS tracker include the (OTA - Over the Air) function with that you can be firmware update or change config parameters remotely, using the (OTA) function you save costs in technical services.

FM-Eco4+ S is a robust solution for GPS vehicle tracking requirements and with his plastic housing (IP67 - waterproof) allows cover requirements of GPS tracking in extreme weather conditions. Ruptela FM-Eco4+ S can be used in 3 GPS tracking modes for that you locate your vehicle: (sending SMS text messages with commands, from Ruptela online server, using an external tracking management platform "edit IP/port in device config"), contact with Ruptela to know if is possible send (OTA commands) to FM-Eco4+ S tracker from the online services. FM-Eco4+ S GPS vehicle tracker allows setup some "virtual geofences" to improve the protection of your vehicle or avoid fraud of your driver´s, when Ruptela GPS tracker enter/leave of the "virtual geofences" you receive an alert in the mobile phone. You can be manage the unauthorized driving of your vehicle through the "driver identification" with Ruptela FM-Eco4+ S GPS tracker and control your vehicle temperature in real-time, increasing your vehicle protection. Ruptela include in FM-Eco4+ S GPS tracker some real-time associated reports to the "driving behaviour - Eco-drive" that helping to increase the driving quality and improving your vehicle performance, from the "external tracking management platform or Ruptela online server" you can manage in real-time the different reports over "driving behaviour" that FM-Eco4+ S detect.