TOPFLYTECH TLP2-SF/SFB (4G LTE) NB / IoT GPS tracker integration with (OTA) function

TLP2-SF/SFB (4G LTE) NB / IoT GPS tracker integration for mobile asset of the TOPFLYTECH brand. With TOPFLYTECH TLP2-SF/SFB you can be firmware update and change config parameters remotely with the (OTA - Over the Air) function, save maintenance costs without uninstalled of your mobile asset the TLP2-SF/SFB tracker.

TLP2-SF/SFB NB / IoT GPS tracker integrate a "temperature sensor" to can controlling the hours of service in your "mobile asset, vehicle, trailer" temperature without need of that you has to install a "external temperature sensor", contact with TOPFLYTECH to know what temperature type can detect TLP2-SF/SFB tracker. 3 GPS tracking modes accept TOPFLYTECH TLP2-SF/SFB tracker to that you can be locate your mobile asset: (sending commands with SMS text messages, from an external tracking management platform "edit IP/port", using the TOPFLYTECH online server), TLP2-SF/SFB support the (TCP, UDP, MQTT, SMS) protocols. TLP2-SF/SFB standalone GPS tracker is a great option for requirements of mobile asset control without self-powered, dispose of a rechargeable Li-Polymer (9600 mAh/3.7V) battery that can during some months with a single charge, contact with TOPFLYTECH company to know the exact duration of the battery. In addition of charge the battery via (USB), TOPFLYTECH TLP2-SF/SFB pass to "solar powered GPS tracker" mode and charging continuously the internal (9600 mAh/3.7V) battery through the solar panel that has in his housing, with this function guaranteed that the battery always having a full level and that TLP2-SF/SFB no stop of working. TOPFLYTECH include the (IP67 - waterproof) protection in TLP2-SF/SFB NB / IoT GPS tracker, thanks to IP67 protection you can be continue working in your asset GPS tracking on extreme weather conditions.