Tracking Management Platform - New Version

Tracking Management Platform - New Version - (V 0.8.100719) , description and new features update in our GPS Location Service System. All clients of our Tracking Management Platform can benefices to this big update of our Tracking System.


  • All the editing or creation, are separated into pop. 
  • The calculation and path management has been restructured. User Area reorganized and compacted the user area on the top dropdown. 
  • Extension and modification of the configuration menu in the User drop-down area.
  • Modified section of communication, and deleted the section of map in the user area.
  • Changed the navigation area, start adding section.
  • Management Restructuring and navigation menus. Has been deleted the news page.
  • Added the section Administration listeners.
  • Improved Device Manager.
  • Expanding the options for configuring devices.
  • Added manager communication between the platform and devices.
  • Added maintenance manager.
  • Redesigned and improved area POIs, and zones.
  • Improved the way in which areas are created and options have been added to the creation and configuration of zones.
  • Added functionality to import / export zones
  • Restructured reporting section.
  • Added the list of events. New alert for maintenance.
  • Added various types of reports. Redesigned reports.
  • Added functionality to the status area.
  • Integrated new controls and the manner in which information is represented.
  • Redesigned map display engine, optimizing it and improving its performance.
  • Unified buttons to interact with the map.
  • Redesigned tooltips.
  • Redesigned and improved information area paths.
  • Added information and improved information showing bubbles on the map.