Digital inputs on a GPS device

When comparing the benefits offered by a GPS device must not neglect the possibilities for connecting external accessories that are offered. There are two types of entries present in most GPS devices for control applications or management of vehicle fleets

These are: 

  1. Digital Inputs 
  2. Analog inputs

To appear skilled in the art can be defined both saying the digital electronics uses discrete values ​​with magnitudes, while the electronic analog magnitudes used with continuous values​​. 

To understand we can also say that a Digital Inputs states we measured 1/0, ON / OFF, ON / OFF, while an Analog inputs can measure broader values ​​such as voltage 3-5 volts with all intermediate values. 

With this earthly definition be easy to realize that I know a digital input via GPS device if the engine is running, if a door is open or closed or if the alarm has been triggered by robbery in their service routes or deliveries tasks

Basically, the GPS Trackers offer us 1 or more entries which connect the positive cable that will power when one of the two two events (on / off) occurs. 

This is the conceptual starting point. As the GPS Tracker is more complete we will find more Digital Inputs, variable states of on / off with positive or negative charge and are more able to withstand more voltage or amperage for each entry and also for control more event management.