GPS Antenna - Installation

Here are some basic tips for installing a GPS antenna for vehicle tracking system.
Almost most GPS Trackers depends on an external antenna, active type to receive the GPS signal and process it internally to transform coordinates.

The quality of the antenna, expressed in the signal gain is calculated as -dBm optimal laboratory conditions, but little details in the installation process that sensitivity will deteriorate and calculating coordinates than the expected optimum.

There are three key considerations to keep in mind to install a GPS antenna

The first and most important is that a GPS antenna does not have the ability to receive signal through metal. It is for this reason that the closer the glass if installing within the car interiors better reception.

Secondly it should be noted that the GPS antenna for automotive devices typically have two surfaces and only one of which receives GPS signals.

This area also has a pickup angle limited GPS signal in about 160 °. This angle should cover as much open sky for optimal performance.

Thirdly, and this not least, if you plan to install the device and the GPS antenna on the dash note that electrical interference will be caused mainly by:

  • Moon or defroster rear window electric cable. 
  • Tinted windshield glass or solar reflection. 
  • Tinted windshield glass or metal compounds. 
  • Glass or windshield radio antenna wire.

Also, we always recommend that the GPS antenna is installed not less than 5 inches from the metal obstruction or radio source.