Is it possible to recognize quality GPS device to the naked eye?

Of course not! Who would think such a thing? For us ...

There is only one chance to make a good impression. This statement applies to almost all areas, including technology geo-location and of course the GPS devices.

We are not referring to the packaging of the product, we all know that it is difficult for a company to have everything and more considering that talk about products that arise from the design of electronic engineers led by other engineers just once stop thinking about mocmo improve electronic have time to think about other areas of the company with as much dedication as the packaging, marketing and those little details that will not be taken into account by the end customer.

Remember that even if the product in question has the best possible presentation end surreptitiously installed in a vehicle and at least accessible and installed longer stay will be much better ..

This first impression we perceive to having the device in our hands. Sensations like a small and suitable size will be important issues.

A good finish of the housing in terms of quality and design speak the kind of maturity that the product has or the level of experience of the company that makes it. Tags with critical data such as the device ID, make, model, serial number elements will ever be needed at the time to program and install the GPS device and is thankful to have that information handy. Data printed PCTRB certifications such as FCC, CE, eMark, RohS, or environmental also tell us if the manufacturer is concerned about the legislation.

If we can open the case without voiding the warranty and get a chance to see the motherboard and its components will not really help to know how this made ​​a name plate with number of hardware version and year of manufacture, lot or serial number matching with external data also tell us how care is control our supplier makes about its products.

Small details that make the difference between good products and great companies ..