Tracking Management Platform - New Version - (V.0.8.110301)

Tracking Management Platform - New Version - (V0.8.110301) 


  • This new version has worked primarily in the area of ​​map, both externally and internally and structural level.
  • Improved navigation.
  • Was the watch that is configured with the platform in a more visible place. 
  • Added a bar to engage the minimized windows.
  • Has merged area map with tracking, adding features and improving the tracking area map, or floating windows. 
  • Added OSM and mapping systems MapLink picker Map. 
  • Added zoom functionality for framing on the map.
  • Clicking on the magnifying glass to the right of the zoom, you can zoom in, we mark the rectangle. 
  • Reorganized by function drop down on the side drop down map. 
  • Added information map elements in the corresponding drop-down. 
  • Added a display of coordinates on the map.
  • Redesigned from the dropdown lists by making them dynamic, fast and efficient. 
  • Redesigned engine management and representation of the map, obtaining a greater ability to display more information in less time. Thanks to this function has 
  • been added dynamically show or hide items to select them. 
  • Added drop down to focus, to center the map along the lines indicated.
  • Added dropdown tools and functions drawn on a map, this allows you to create bookmarks, or areas plotted on the map, and get information from these. 
  • Added functionality to represent coordinate systems using configurable GARS and UTM grids.
  • Improved search and representation system of addresses. Displays the path and the detail of this. 
  • Added features on map, click on it with the right mouse button. 
  • Added tracking function popup by clicking on the corresponding icon in the bubble device. These windows are minimizable. 
  • Added several coordinate systems.